• Hardiness Zone

    3 – 6

  • Height

    20 – 40 feet

  • Spread

    10 – 12 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Whitespire Birch tree is a rapid grower, adding 12-18 inches per year. The typical tree will grow 20-40 feet with a spread of 10-20 feet. It takes a slender, pyramidal form and is noted for its appealing chalky-white bark.

The leaves of the Whitespire Birch are dark green and pointed. They are three inches long and double-toothed with tapered tips. In fall the leaves will turn a honey-hued yellow.

In early spring, the tree blooms. The male flowers are single yellowish-brown catkins which are about four inches long. The female flowers are green, upright catkins about ½ inch long. The cone-like fruit that emerges contains winged seeds.

The Whitespire Birch should be planted in full sunlight to partial shade. It grows best when planted in well-drained, medium to wet sandy or loamy soils. Hardiness Zone: 3-6.