• Hardiness Zone

    3 – 7

  • Height

    100 feet

  • Spread

    20 – 30 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

One of the most popular types of Christmas trees, the White Fir, grows in the upper elevations of the American West. They are elegant and symmetrical trees that grow upwards of 100 feet. They are long-living, some surviving over 300 years.

Tree needles are generally two to three inches and green to rich blue in color. Broken needles emit a pleasant citrus fragrance.

At approximately age 40, the White Fir tree will begin to produce barrel-shaped cones, each approximately four to five inches. Each cone produces upwards of 200 seeds which are shed in September or October. Cones are usually greenish-yellow and will eventually become a dark purple.

The White Fir tree is a slow to moderate grower. It does best in well-drained, moist, loamy, sandy, acidic soil. It requires full sunlight to partial shade. Hardiness Zone: 3-7.