• Hardiness Zone

    3 – 8

  • Height

    60 – 75 feet

  • Spread

    40 – 50 feet

  • Autumn Color

    Burnt Orange, yellow, red

More Information

The Sugar Maple has many claims to fame. It produces the sap needed to make maple syrup, it is the state tree of New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Vermont, and its leaves have absolutely stunning fall color.

One of the largest hardwood trees, the Sugar Maple grows to approximately 60-75 feet with a 3.5 foot diameter. It has a spreading canopy measuring 40-50 feet.

In late March to mid-May, Sugar Maples will bloom, displaying greenish-yellow flowers in clusters on long stalks, approximately 25 inches long. Double samara fruit ripens in about 16 weeks and will carry a single seed.

Sugar Maple leaves are three to six inches long with five distinct lobes. In fall, the leaves will turn spectacular shades of yellow, burnt orange and red.

The Sugar Maple grows best in full sunlight to partial shade and does well in acidic to slightly alkaline, loamy soil. Hardiness Zone: 3-8.