• Hardiness Zone

    2 – 8

  • Height

    75 feet

  • Spread

    30 – 40 feet

  • Autumn Color

    Yellow, pale green

More Information

Known also as the “Bee Tree,” the Redmond Linden tree produces fragrant flowers which attract honeybees. The tree is also considered a perfect shade tree which can grow up to 75 feet with an oval canopy of 30-40 feet.

Its heart-shaped leaves are a glossy dark green which changes to pale green or yellow before dropping from the trees in autumn.

In June, its flowers emerge in two to three inch clusters of tiny, light yellow fragrant blossoms. These give way to pea-sized grey nuts that form in autumn.

The Redmond Linden trees do best in full sunlight or partial shade. Moist, fertile soil which is acidic or slightly alkaline is best. Hardiness Zone: 2-8.