• Hardiness Zone

    6 – 9

  • Height

    10 – 30 feet

  • Spread

    10 – 30 feet

  • Autumn Color

    Dark Green

More Information

The Red Buckeye tree is also called the “Firecracker Plant” due to its brilliantly-colored flowers which appear in April or May.

A small tree, the Red Buckeye grows to only 10-30 feet. It is oval shaped and has a slow to moderate growth rate.

Its red, tubular flowers emerge in early to late spring. They are four to eight inches long and are made up of erect clusters. The trees are very attractive to humming birds. Leaves are positioned opposite one another and are made up of five serrated leaflets. The luscious, dark green leaves change very little and often fall early in autumn.

The tree fruit is enclosed in round capsules approximately one to two inches in diameter. Each capsule contains one to three dry, hard, orangish-brown seeds. These seeds are considered toxic to humans.

The Red Buckeye tree is best grown in full sunlight or partial shade and in well-drained, moist, and slightly alkaline to acidic soils. Hardiness Zone: 6-9.