• Hardiness Zone

    4 – 7

  • Height

    30 feet

  • Spread

    10 – 20 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Old Field Juniper tree is perhaps best known for its berry-like seed cones which are used for flavoring food and beverages (fleshy cones are toxic and are not used). It is a low spreading tree popular in the New England area of the U.S. It is a small tree, maxing out at about 30 feet, but generally smaller.

Juniper needles appear in whorls of three and are dark green on the topside and light green on the underside.

Male and female cones grow on separate trees, with the male cones being smaller. Initially the cones are green, but they will ripen to a bluish-black. It takes them two to three years to ripen, so it is possible that green and blue berries can exist at the same time on one tree. There are generally two to three seeds on each cone.

Old Field Junipers do best in full sunlight with sandy or loamy soils. Hardiness Zone: 4-7.