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Native to Northern and Central Europe, the Norway Spruce can grow upwards of 100 feet but is generally only 40-60 feet tall. It grows approximately two to three feet each year until age 25. It is about 40 feet wide with branches that extend to the ground and droop. The tree is ideal to use as a windbreak or privacy screen.

The pyramid-shaped crown is composed of spreading, drooping branches. Its dark green needles are approximately one inch long and are dark green. They will remain on the tree year-round. When cones develop they hang down from the branches and are green or reddish, measuring three to seven inches long.

Norway Spruce trees have a slow to moderate growth rate and are the fastest growing spruce tree. They require full sunlight, although they can survive in a somewhat shady location. They require moist, acidic, loam soil. Hardiness Zone: 3-7.