• Hardiness Zone

    3 – 7

  • Height

    40 – 60 feet

  • Spread

    40 – 50 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Norway Maple tree is a hardy, adaptable, fast-growing tree. It can grow to 100 feet but is generally in the 40-60 feet range. It has a large, dense, rounded canopy that makes it an ideal shade tree.

The dark green leaves are multi-lobed with pointed, hair-like tips. In fall, they turn pale yellow and are one of the last trees to turn color in autumn.

In early spring, greenish-yellow flowers appear in small rounded clusters. The fruit is flat, winged seeds that disperse in the fall.

Norway Maple trees need full sunlight to partial shade to grow and are adaptable to most soils; clay, loam, sandy and both acidic and alkaline soils. Hardiness Zone: 3-7.