• Hardiness Zone

    5 – 9

  • Height

    15 – 25 feet

  • Spread

    10 – 20 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The fruit produced by the Elberta Peach tree is one of the best. It’s beautifully colored, juicy, and large with a small pit. It is an ideal peach to can or use to make jams or jellies.

Elberta Peach trees grow to 15-25 feet with a spread of 10-20 feet. This tree is a fast grower, adding 24 inches or more per year. At maturity a tree will yield about 150 pounds of fruit in a year. The trees will be able to bear fruit within three to five years of planting.

In early spring, striking, aromatic rose-red flowers appear. In mid to late summer, its fruit will ripen, yielding large, golden yellow peaches accented with a slightly rosy hue. Elberta peaches have a wonderful aroma and a delightful, sweet taste.

Elberta Peach trees thrive in full sunlight and should be planted in organic, sandy or loamy soil. Hardiness Zone: 5-9.