• Hardiness Zone

    4 – 7

  • Height

    40 – 50 feet

  • Spread

    25 – 30 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Crimson King Maple tree’s dark maroon color in spring/summer and bronze in autumn makes it one of the most uniquely-colored shade trees. Crimson King Maple trees will grow to a height of about 40 to 50 feet and a width of 25-30 feet and have a symmetrical, round crown.

In spring, the trees produce large (up to 7”), star-shaped maroon leaves approximately four to eight inches long. Unlike other maples, the Crimson King leaves do not turn green. They will stay maroon until fall when they will change to a brilliant bronze.

Throughout the summer, maroon and gold flowers will appear. These contrast beautifully with the deeply colored leaves. Flowers will yield to brownish-green seed pods which are very attractive to birds.

These trees prefer full sunlight to partial shade and grow best in well-drained sand, loam, clay, acidic or alkaline soil. Hardiness Zone: 4-7.