• Hardiness Zone

    2 – 7

  • Height

    30 – 60 feet

  • Spread

    10 – 20 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Cork Bark Fir tree is differentiated from other firs by its bark color which is pale grey to white. The bark also has a sometimes spongy or cork-like texture.

Cork Bark trees are tall and native to Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Its pyramidal spire-like form makes it a perfect choice at Christmas time. It will typically grow to 30-60 feet but can grow to over 100 feet.

Another feature of the tree is its soft, fragrant, blue needles, which are quite striking. Needles grow to 1-1-1/2-inches long.

Both female and male flowers blossom on the same tree. The male variety forms hanging clusters of flowers, while the females appear singly on the crown of the tree. Cones, when they form, are a dark blue but will turn brown when they mature and begin to dispense seeds.

Cork Bark Firs require partial to full shade and will grow in most soils; acidic, well-drained, sandy, or loam. Hardiness Zone: 2-7.