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The striking Colorado Blue Spruce tree, with its perfect symmetry and pyramid shape, is an ideal choice as a Christmas tree. It grows to a height of 75 feet in the wild, but typically 30-60 feet in urban areas. It is a moderate grower, with less than a foot or two added each year.

The Colorado Blue Spruce tree is the state tree of both Colorado and Utah. It has a long life of 80 years or more.

The tree’s most attractive feature is its needles which are aromatic, and blue-green to silvery-blue in color. As an added plus, needles are retained throughout the year.

Cones are light brown and grow up to four inches long. The perfect shape of these cones makes them ideal for use in making craft items such as wreaths, garlands and decorative boughs. Cones remain on a tree for one to two years.

Colorado Blue Spruce trees require full sunlight to partial shade and grow best in moist, well-drained, rich, loamy soil. Hardiness Zone: 2-7