• Hardiness Zone

    4 – 8

  • Height

    40 – 60 feet

  • Spread

    40 – 60 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The main feature of the Chinese Chestnut tree is its sweet tasting nuts. This is a picturesque
tree that grows to heights of 40-60 feet. Its umbrella-shaped crown can grow to 40 feet or wider, providing plentiful shade.

The Chinese Chestnut tree leaves are dark green and oblong, three to six inches long. In autumn they turn a lovely bronze or golden yellow.

In May or June, yellowish-white white catkins appear. They transition into chestnuts in September/October. The chestnuts are enclosed in spiny casings 1-1/2 to 3 inches. There is generally one to four nuts in each casing. A single tree can produce 75-100 pounds of nuts which are meaty and crisp.

Chinese Chestnuts grow at a slow to moderate rate. They should be planted in full sunlight within acidic, loamy, sandy soils that are well-drained. It does not tolerate alkaline soil. Hardiness Zone: 4-8.