• Hardiness Zone

    2 – 6

  • Height

    20 – 60 feet

  • Spread

    15 – 25 feet

  • Autumn Color


More Information

The Black Hill Spruce is found naturally only in parts of South Dakota and Wyoming and is the state tree of the “Mt. Rushmore State.” It is noted for its beautiful foliage which it retains year round. The Black Hill Spruce is a hardy tree, able to tolerate cold and harsh climates.

This is a statuesque, pyramidal-shaped tree that grows approximately 20-60 feet and has a spread of 15-25 feet. Although it has a slow growth rate of 12 inches per year, it has a lifespan of 150 to 350 years.

Its sharp needles are a striking dark green to bright blue-green at maturity. The ½ inch leaves are arranged in spirals along the tree branches.

Budding in spring, the tree produces greenish-purple female flowers and tan to reddish male flowers. Cones emerge in July and remain until the end of the year. They are brown and about 1-1/2 to 2 inches long.

The Black Hill Spruce requires full sunlight to partial shade. It grows best in moist, acidic, gravel, sandy or dry soil. Hardiness Zone: 2-6